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Anca-Doina Hreamătă

  • Areas of expertise: Business Strategy, Financial, Retail & Corporate, Business & IT Consulting
  • The experience: +15 years
  • Email: office@growbusiness

The Founder's Vision

Efficiency makes the difference, and I strongly believe that we are a strong team, through the experience accumulated over the years. I am part of the generation that went through a major economic crisis, that had the opportunity to test models of strategies, for managing crisis situations, and the improvements accumulated over time and tested in the everyday reality of the business environment, give me the ability to to pass on both my team and clients the most effective solutions for each business model.

The business environment is extremely changing, and companies' adaptability and speed of reaction make the difference compared to the competition and help them evolve. The employer's flexibility and openness to innovation determine the direction of the company, and you are the most eloquent example for your team when it comes to evolution.

After a difficult period in the economic environment, generated by the health crisis, then with the turbulent times of war, the increase in inflation, the repeated price increases, the increase in direct costs in the company, you have a moral duty as an employer to adapt to the market and reinvent your business. We prepare you for the next step. I don't believe in rapid growth, without pillars of support, but I believe that a healthy growth of the business and securing it through the latest generation tools, will bring you brand recognition on the market in which you operate, implicitly and the estimated figures.

From 2003 until now, I have completed a vast portfolio of courses, and the accumulated knowledge has been sedimented by putting it into practice over the years, by managing over 15,000 companies and portfolios of over 30,000 individual clients. I have with me a team specialized in business consulting, IT consulting, graphics & design and programmers, who together join forces for your growth. Your objective becomes our creed. Are you ready for a change?

Why work with our team

Digitization is the key to success in the modern business environment. With our customized digitization solutions, you can turn your business into an efficient and profitable engine. Regardless of the field in which you operate, your business processes can benefit from current technology, optimizing costs and working time.

Our team of digitization experts understands that every company is unique, with its own needs and strategies. Through our personalized approach, adapted to the specifics of your business, we guarantee tangible results and sustainable growth.

In the last two years, we have collaborated with many successful companies, helping them to optimize their processes and implement innovative software solutions. These companies have obtained significant competitive advantages, as well as outstanding results on the market.

At the moment, the question is: are you ready to take the step towards digital success? Our team is here for you, ready to guide you through the transformation process and bring you the results you want. Together, we can make a difference and achieve long-term success for your business. Contact us to initiate this change and ensure a prosperous future in today's competitive business environment.

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