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Increasing efficiency in the way of organization

Whether you are a private or state company, mapping the processes within it is the first step you must take towards a change.

We know well that what is not measured cannot be improved, and for any optimization within the company you must have a map of the processes to identify the vulnerable points and take measures for improvement.

Most professional consultants insist on mapping the processes within the company, more precisely defining the activity map, on each department within it in order to be able to optimize your supply chain. It is the first activity that is carried out, before any other processes.

To optimize the process within your business, you first need a map of the existing processes, in specific terms it is called As Is. Based on this map, he can see the picture of the existing processes and later propose solutions to improve them.

Without a process mapping, it is like starting to build a green house, without a project, without an architect, site manager and without building permits.

A sustainable business needs defined flows, and if there is no process mapping within your company, this will be done by the Grow Business Romania team.

This is our role, as consultants, to help you visualize your processes, and then to remodel them into a TO BE version, which will be the foundation for the digital transformation of your company, or for increasing profits and motivating the team.

How can we help you?

We unite the entire process team, regardless of the department, thus having all the roles at the drawing board of the process. We take each task and measure the time and re-works within it, as well as the time allocated from the beginning to the end of the task. We measure the time required for each task, evaluate how much time and human resources it consumes, thus realizing the current process. We put each activity on a map, and after allocating it to departments and functions, we create the current process diagram. After identifying the current map, we will redo the process on the new, improved operating model, with the reduction of operational times, with the automation of repetitive activities, with the objective of reducing costs within the company.

Stages in process management

We go into detail and discover the current process as it is in daily practice, being extremely useful in its subsequent remodeling.
Grow Business Romania consultants will coordinate the workshops, in such a way as to extract all the necessary information for a correct redefinition of the process. Experience recommends us.
Together with your team we will determine and undertake what needs to be done to replace the old process with the new process and the immediate measures to apply

A diverse range of tools

The team of Grow Business Romania consultants uses all the necessary methodologies to optimize processes/products. Thus, having a diverse range of tools at our disposal, we identify the most suitable actions for optimizing the processes as efficiently as possible. We list some of the most used methods, but in any process mapping, we use the vast majority of methods to reach the best results.

Methodologies used

We use this methodology within your team to obtain the greatest benefits from a process perspective. We define, measure, analyze, improve, control, and finally deliver the optimized process together with your team.
We transform customer expectations, both expressed and unspoken, into concrete specifications for your company's process. Finally, we will define the limits and wishes of the product/process according to the expectations of your customers (internal/external).
We analyze and identify potential vulnerabilities and company processes or products/services. We use it, especially in the design or development stage to minimize the risk of errors in a process. It is a real support in cost optimization.
We focus on activities that add value. We analyze the value flow map that includes the stages of processing information from the client and the stages of transformation of the products to the client. In the end, a reduction in production time will result.
We break down the current process, remove the parts of it that are not necessary and put them back into the process in an improved form. Basically, we analyze the existing process and rebuild it in an improved form.

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Neculai B
Neculai B
GBD client
"I have been working with Anca for over 15 years, with her help I grew my company, being a very good professional and strategist. At the beginning I worked with her as an employee in the financial banking system, and when she established her concept I called on her services to her team without thinking about it."
Diana A.
Diana A.
GBD client
"Very good communication with the whole team. We were given clear stages, deadlines and they were respected. Both Anca and her team proved to be able to find solutions to the identified problems, with good costs and quick implementation. We will definitely call on the team's services when we need them."
Cristian I.
Christian I.
Manager of Company
We have been looking for a concept that integrates several services for a long time, and searching on the Internet we discovered the Grow Business website. Initially, we started reluctantly, but after the first discussion with the owner of the company, we decided to prepare the company for digitization together. Extremely satisfied with the deliverables, the deadline was met and the quality of the documentation superior. I highly recommend the services and especially the people in the team.
Anahita F
Anahita F
GBD client
"Thank you very much for the wonderful work done. We are very satisfied with the result and we are happy that we called on you. You are an exceptional team, delivery on time and clearly superior quality."