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What is software documentation?

The software documentation represents the product description for programmers as detailed as possible, being imperatively necessary in the process of development, testing, implementation of any application. Whether we are talking about a CRM, SAP, or customized application, the key to success for its development with optimized costs is the creation of software documentation, which includes in detail all the necessary specifications related to the product.

Software documentation is the most efficient method in terms of the speed of development of an application, which describes the product and the process that will be used in the development stage, the programmers having a clear picture of the entire project.

The development team will follow the processes of your company in the creation of the database diagram, and through the non-functional specifications it will be able to reduce the development times of the software, having clear instructions.

The documentation that was attached: the company/institution process map, functional and non-functional specifications and will be used both for development and for testing the versions delivered after development.

Why is software documentation important?

The software documentation establishes the method of writing the software for the team involved, as well as the recording of the entire process. In addition to the fact that the documentation helps the development team, this is essential, because it reduces the time allocated to development, reduces errors and respects the needs of your company in its digitalization/automation process. With well-defined software documentation, execution time is reduced by up to 25%, and development costs by at least 20%.

The Grow Business team has all the necessary tools, as well as the human resources, to be with you in the process of defining the software documentation and assist you from the beginning of the project until its implementation in the company.

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Neculai B
Neculai B
GBD client
"I have been working with Anca for over 15 years, with her help I grew my company, being a very good professional and strategist. At the beginning I worked with her as an employee in the financial banking system, and when she established her concept I called on her services to her team without thinking about it."
Diana A.
Diana A.
GBD client
"Very good communication with the whole team. We were given clear stages, deadlines and they were respected. Both Anca and her team proved to be able to find solutions to the identified problems, with good costs and quick implementation. We will definitely call on the team's services when we need them."
Cristian I.
Christian I.
Manager of Company
We have been looking for a concept that integrates several services for a long time, and searching on the Internet we discovered the Grow Business website. Initially, we started reluctantly, but after the first discussion with the owner of the company, we decided to prepare the company for digitization together. Extremely satisfied with the deliverables, the deadline was met and the quality of the documentation superior. I highly recommend the services and especially the people in the team.
Anahita F
Anahita F
GBD client
"Thank you very much for the wonderful work done. We are very satisfied with the result and we are happy that we called on you. You are an exceptional team, delivery on time and clearly superior quality."